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Exam Center

Exam center for DELE Exam, SIELE Exam and Spanish Nationality Test.

Reach Your Next Level of Spanish with our Unique and Proven System:

24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®

Our genuine teaching method developed by our experienced teachers.

Enjoy Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Hawaii of Europe

Discover fantastic and always different landscapes and climate zones – all on one island. Live outdoor activities such as beach, surfing, hiking and whale watching the whole year round.

Feel Tenerife’s sunshine rays on your skin every day. 23 degrees is our average temperature – every single month of the year. 
Learning Spanish in the morning and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on Christmas? Only with us!

Find us in the green north of Tenerife, in Puerto de la Cruz, which retains its old world charm as a local fishing port.

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Courses & Exams


Intensive Courses

Are you looking for an introductory Spanish course with flexible starting dates and duration, or maybe hoping to refresh your existing language skills? Then our intensive language courses are the perfect choice for you!


DELE Preparation

It’s always best to be prepared! If you’re thinking of taking the DELE Exam but want to avoid any nasty surprises on the day, taking our DELE Preparation Course you will make sure you are perfectly qualified to pass with flying colours.

Hotel reception

Spanish for Tourism

Are you ready to take the next step in your Tourism & Hospitality career? This is the course for you! Build on your existing Spanish skills. Improve your communication skills through specific vocabulary related to the tourism and hospitality industry.


Business Spanish

Impress everyone at your next international meeting or interview! Get that promotion you’re looking for! Find the job you’ve always wanted! Every additional skill on your resume, places you one step closer to your dream job. Perfect your Spanish now!

Spanish for Teachers

Spanish for Teachers

Time for teachers to become students again! You can enhance your professional development in a European environment or strengthen your existing language skills while discussing and sharing effective techniques for teaching and learning.

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Spanish and Experience

Take advantage of Tenerife’s endless summer! For those looking for something more active, our school offers surfing, paragliding and diving lessons combined with your Spanish course.



Ready to test your knowledge? At our school in Puerto de la Cruz you can take the DELE Exam and prove your language abilities by gaining an internationally recognised certification from the Cervantes Institute.



Not sure what level to take to prove your Spanish proficiency? Think about taking the SIELE exam, where you start at A1 and gradually increase your level. Results will be available in 3 weeks! The exam is fully electronic. Would you like to join our preparation course?

Are you excited to enroll in one of our courses?



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