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All of Our Spanish Courses & Exams



Intensive 20 Spanish Courses

The perfect course for those who want to improve their Spanish and explore Tenerife in the afternoons!


Super-Intensive 30 Spanish Courses

Consider adding practical classes after you have completed the general course if you are looking to speak Spanish as fast as possible.


Intensive Spanish Course + Private Lessons

With this combination, you will have interaction with the group as well as a more personal approach from our teachers!

Private lessons at FU International Academy

One-to-One Spanish Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to learn Spanish at your own pace. With our personalized program, you will speak Spanish in no time!


Intensive Spanish Class

Long Term Spanish Courses

This course is the same as the intensive course, just over a longer duration. Are you ready to commit?


Intensive Spanish Course + Experience

Can you imagine surfing, diving, or paragliding on the amazing island of Tenerife while learning Spanish?


Intensive Spanish Course + Business One-to-One

For those who want to study Spanish primarily for business purposes, this combination is ideal.

Intensive Course + Tourism One-to-One

Intensive Spanish Course + Tourism One-to-One

Students interested in studying Spanish for specific purposes, such as tourism, should consider this combination.

COMBI Course

COMBI+5 Hybrid Course

Maximize Your Spanish Learning: Master a Level Weekly with Only 45 Minutes Daily at Our Academy



Do you live in Germany? Are you familiar with Bildungsurlaub? Come to Tenerife to enjoy your vocational leave.

Erasmus+ Courses

Erasmus+ Spanish Courses

We offer intensive Spanish courses for teachers through the Erasmus+ program.

Spanish for Teachers

Spanish for Teachers

If you are a Spanish teacher, then this course is for you! Find out more on the page.

Dele Exam Preparation Lessons

DELE Exam Preparation

Prove your Spanish proficiency with the DELE Exam, a worldwide recognized title.

SIELE Exam Preparation Lessons

SIELE Exam Preparation

The SIELE exam will also tell you your Spanish level. You can take it online and receive your results more quickly.


General Spanish Online Lessons

General Spanish Lessons

General online lessons focus on grammar and vocabulary at your specific level.

Conversation Lessons

Conversation Spanish Lessons

Taking conversational lessons in Spanish can help you improve your fluency. You should have at least an A2 level.

Spanish for Kids & Teens

Spanish for Kids & Teens

If you would like your children to learn Spanish, our teachers would be delighted to help!

Corporate Spanish

Corporate Spanish

The purpose of this type of class is to improve the Spanish proficiency of employees in companies.

Dele Exam Preparation Lessons

DELE Exam Preparation Lessons

If you plan to take the DELE exam, we can also teach it online. Note: our teachers are certified examiners.

COMBI Course

Spanish COMBI Course

If you prefer to study alone, our online course allows you to study at your own pace and if necessary, book lessons with Spanish teachers.

Are you excited to enroll in one of our courses?

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