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Online COMBI Spanish Course


Achieve Your Next Spanish Level With Our
Online COMBI Spanish Course

Learn Spanish fast with little effort. Our highly engaging and all-around COMBI Spanish course is here to help.

Easy to use and multifaceted online COMBI course is our innovative approach to language learning, starting at a beginner level and progressing smoothly through all of the 24 levels.

The lessons can never be boring. They are made of videos, audios, infographics and articles, and interactive exercises to strengthen the Spanish knowledge that you just gained.

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What Makes the Combi Course So Unique?

It is a perfect combination of:

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24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®

Everything we do at Let’s Speak Spanish is based on our proven teaching method: the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®. This method breaks down the language-learning process into smaller parts - levels - which are easier to achieve, making you feel more motivated and happy with your learning process.

The Most Precise Placement Test Online. For Free.

To know your exact level which you should start practising, take our online Placement Test. After that, you will be able to sign up for your level and get access to the course platform to start learning. We suggest signing up for the next level, so you force yourself more.

Don’t Speak ANY Spanish Yet?

Don’t worry! Our first level will take you through the very basics of Spanish language totally for free.



What's Inside?

Well balanced mix of audiovisual & text materials, webinars and podcasts and much more to keep you motivated and entertained.

Audio & Video

Apart from our self-produced videos with an amazing teacher Carmen, you’ll also get access to carefully curated news, documentaries, short movies or shows. Every media file comes with a set of exercises so you can make sure you understood everything.


Webinars & Podcasts

During the course, you’ll find 3 recorded webinars in which Carmen explains the more complicated grammar situations that can occur in Spanish and that might be more difficult to understand. Our podcasts are produced by Juanjo and Daniel. Every level includes two episodes with transcripts and a set of exercises.


Articles & Infographics

Authentic articles and wide variety of topics are a good tool for practising your reading skills. You’ll evolve your reading comprehension and broaden your vocabulary. Each article contains interactive exercises to help you fully understand and use the language. Infographics are going to help as attractive graphics make us remember things more easily.


Teacher & Community Support

You never learn alone. Access your online study room with your classmates & teacher and always have the support of your community. The room is a part of our learning platform, so your teacher can see your study results, strong points and weaknesses, which he or she can address individually. Together, you can enjoy discussing and receiving answers to your questions. We call it social learning.


Teacher Corrected Exercises

Not everything can be checked by software. Longer writing assignments are an important part of the learning process and exercises done here will be corrected by a teacher personally.


Interactive Exercises

They are among our favourite features of the COMBI course because they enhance it to a highly engaging experience. Plus, seeing your results instantly helps to keep motivated. Within the COMBI course, you can find 10 different types of interactive exercises, such as drag-and-drop, true/false or fill in the blanks.


Evaluation & Certification

The course involves two evaluations: one after 5 classes and one at the end. To continue the course, you must pass your first evaluation. And after you’ve past your final evaluation, you’ll get a certificate. But don’t worry if you don’t pass on your first attempt. The course is available to you for a year so you have plenty of time to improve and pass both of the evaluations.


Resource Sheets ($9 value)

Take advantage of hundreds of hours we have spent on researching the best learning materials for Spanish on the Internet and continue learning even after completing your COMBI course. Our Resource Sheets are included in this course for free.

One-On-One Private Tutor Lessons Online

Depending on the plan you select (Bronze, Silver, Gold), you receive one-on-one online private classes with one of our highly qualified tutors. During the private lessons, you will focus on speaking: the teacher will be there to help with pronunciation, correct errors, and give feedback. This is the fastest and most effective way to learn fluent Spanish.

Benefits of our live classes:

Haridian Online Teaching

All of our tutors are native Spanish speakers with a university degree and years of teaching experience. Most of them are certified examiners of the official DELE & SIELE Spanish exams and are specially trained to work with our 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®.

How Does It Work?


Take our level test to start learning precisely where you need to.


Sign up for the course at one level further than your level test result. You can start learning instantly!


Join the learner’s group on your level on our community platform and introduce yourself.


Start with the first lesson whenever you’re ready. Every lesson takes approximately 45 minutes.


If you study for an hour every day, you can finish your level within 2 weeks.

Bring your spanish to the next level

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