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Over 20 years of experience and more than 25 000 successful students showed us that you only need 3 things:

Haridian Online Teaching

That’s why Private Tutor Lessons with “Let’s Speak Spanish!” are the best match for you. We teach according to our proven method, the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®, which has defined and easily reachable goals to help you keep motivated. Plus, our highly qualified and friendly tutors make sure the learning process stays fun.


To Book Your Private Online Lesson


Qualified Native Spanish Teachers

University degree in Spanish, years of teaching experience and friendly personality. That’s what we require of our teachers! Most of them are certified examiners of the official A2 - C1 level exams and undertake multiple training courses every year.

Flexibility of booking


You have the flexibility to choose when, where, and how much you want to learn. You can select individual sessions, discounted packages, find a teacher that suits you the most or choose your time slot and learn with any teacher available. Scheduling your lessons is easy.


Accurate Placement

We have divided the CEFR, ACTFL, and ILR language frameworks into 24 levels. Thanks to our accurate placement test, you and your teacher will instantly know your exact level of Spanish. Then you can start working towards reaching your next level as quick and efficiently as possible.


Lessons Tailored to Your Needs

We select lessons and topics relevant to you. Based on your placement results, your progress and learning preferences, we personalize the content of our lessons to suit you the most. You don’t have to waste time on something you don’t want to learn.

Own teaching methods and materials

Own-Developed Teaching Method and Materials

We came up with an effective and motivating teaching method. We train our teachers accordingly and provide you with high quality materials, such as videos, podcasts, infographics and interactive exercises.

Time efficient

Saving Your Time

We use the “flipped classroom” method. You will complete your exercises before class and discuss the outcomes with your teacher. That allows you to deeply understand what you learnt while saving your time and money.

Online classes with qualified teachers

The Latest Virtual Classroom Technology

We use a special virtual classroom tool that provides the best interactive learning experience (no, it’s not Zoom or Google Meet). It is easy to use and you don’t have to install anything.

Live Online Lessons

How to Book Your First?


Take Our Free Level Test

Get to know your exact level of Spanish before you book your first lesson with us. That will ensure that you start exactly where you need to.


Schedule Your Lesson(s)

First choose the type of Spanish (general, business, for kids, etc) you wish to learn. Then choose the amount of lessons, their duration, teacher and the date(s). Before you check out, we will ask you for your level test results and a few more questions to prepare the lessons specifically for you.


Your Lesson

To make sure you don’t miss your lesson, we will send you 3 reminders: 24h, 12h and 1 hour before. 15 minutes prior to your class, the teacher will send you a link. The lesson is recorded so you can always go back to it. You’ll also receive the materials used in class for future practice.


Choose Your Setting



Perfect for ambitious students that want to learn fast. Choose your dates and teacher, and study flexibly at your own pace.


Private group (3+) lessons

Are you a group of the same Spanish level and want to learn together? Book our lessons and study with friends! The duration of these lessons is 90 minutes.

Start learning online with us

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