Master a Level Weekly with Only 45 Minutes Daily at Our Academy

Efficient & Flexible

The COMBI+5 Hybrid Course Offers Personalized Daily Tutoring Plus Self-Paced Online Study for Busy Schedules

The COMBI+5 Hybrid Course at a Glance

Let us introduce you to the most innovative Spanish learning course that we created so far.


Unlock Your Spanish Potential

Leap forward in your Spanish journey with our "24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®". Begin at the level that suits you and advance with confidence, combining the flexibility of online learning with the personalized attention of expert tutors at FU International Academy.


Designed For Your Busy Life

Ideal for those unable to commit to 20 hours of traditional class time each week. With just 45 minutes of daily in-person instruction in Tenerife and the rest online at your convenience, our course fits even the busiest lifestyle.

Flipped Classroom Excellence

Experience the core of our course's success. Prepare at your pace with our online materials, then deepen your understanding and practice your speaking skills with our qualified teachers in highly focused, 45-minute daily sessions.


Flexible Online Learning

Our self-paced online modules allow you to study when and where it works for you, making it easier than ever to fit Spanish learning into your busy life.


All Levels Welcome

Whether you're starting fresh or looking to level up, our course is designed to adapt to any stage of your Spanish learning journey.


Community Engagement & Leisure Activities

Every student of the COMBI+5 hybrid course is warmly invited to join the free leisure activities and community events at our school.

Join Us to Transform Your Approach to Spanish Learning

Spanish classes

Our COMBI+5 Hybrid Course is based on our unique 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency®

Start at your level and advance with confidence, combining online learning and expert tutoring at our school.

The teaching method

Our teaching method goes beyond the innovative flipped classroom approach. More than anything, we want to help you actually use and enjoy the Spanish language.

That’s why our live lessons focus on real communication and engagement. We design each session to be both fun and mentally stimulating – a unique way to learn in a relaxed setting.

Most of our instructors have taught at the FU International Academy Tenerife for over 5 years. They know our teaching methodology inside and out, and even help refine it over time. This carefully crafted approach has a proven track record of success that our team deeply believes in.

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193 €

1 Week: 5 private lessons + access to 1 level COMBI course

No registration fee
1 lesson = 45 minutes

Prices and Booking

Choose the COMBI+5 Hybrid Course to generally broaden your vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills and pass our level test.

You can combine this course with the Spanish and Experience Program. This way in the afternoon you can do diving, surfing, and paragliding.

Special Conditions

Join Us and Transform Your Spanish Learning Experience

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