Do you speak Spanish?

Learn Spanish Conversation Online!


Learning to speak in Spanish like a local is now easier than ever. Our experienced, native tutors are here to help!

We teach you the BEST language skill!

Speaking in a new language is much more difficult to learn than other skills as you can’t really practice it alone. Apps and web may help but they can never replace a native speaker.

We are convinced that only regular conversations with locals can do the real magic! That’s how you learn the common phrases, accent and the flow of the language. And that’s precisely what this course is all about.

Conversational one-on-one Spanish Online Classes

Key Features


Highly Qualified, Native Spanish Professors

All of our teachers have a Spanish degree and years of teaching experience. They are highly qualified and friendly.


You Decide What to Learn

We make it about you and adjust the contents of the lessons to your personal needs.


Easy Software

For the conversational lessons, we use Google Meet software. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any download.

Flexibility of booking

Flexible Schedule

You decide when and how often you want to speak with your teacher. Learning Spanish shouldn’t be a burden!

For A2 level and higher

To make the conversation flow, we need you to know some Spanish beforehand. A2 level is needed.


Meet Our Teachers

Anxious about the conversation being weird? Don’t worry! Our teachers have years of experience teaching online and can tackle any challenge. Plus, they are super friendly!

Haridian Online Teaching

Want to Try Us?

Check out the availability of your chosen teacher and start speaking Spanish like a local today!

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