Let the Examiners Themselves Prepare You for the Exam.
Book as Many Lessons as You Need!

Our teachers have been running the DELE Spanish exams for years. They are your best option to pass confidently.

If you want to apply for jobs or universities in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, you need your DELE exam to go smoothly.

For that, we offer you lessons online to prepare you for your big day. Our teachers are experienced DELE examiners and have been running the exam for years. They know how the test works and can share the important know-how to increase the chances of you passing the exam.

We can prepare you for any of the six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Book as many lessons as you need and get the perfect preparation tailored to your needs!

Key Features

Of our DELE Exam preparation lessons

Official Spanish Exam Center (DELE & SIELE)

Our Spanish school in Tenerife has become a Instituto Cervantes accredited test center in 2015. Since then, we helped hundreds of students take & pass their exams.

Tailor-Made Preparation

We adjust the preparatory lessons to your personal needs. You’ll get exactly what you need to feel prepared!

96% Pass Rate

Yes, that’s right. 96% of our students pass their tests on the first try. Why not become one of them?

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How Does the Preparation Work?

Get ready for your DELE exam with us


1. Check Your Spanish Level (Optional)

You probably know what level you want to prepare for. If you have doubts, or you just want to make sure your current level is sufficient, you can take our free Placement Test and then our Level Exam.


2. Book Your First Preparatory Lesson(s)

You don’t have to book a full course with us. Whether you only need a confirmation or a full training, you can book as many lessons as you need! Our teachers work in all timezones so you can choose any time according to your schedule and the availability of our teachers. You can’t get more flexible than that!

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3. Attend Your First Lesson

In your first lesson, our teacher will explain the structure of the exam. Then you will start with an oral part from a sample exam paper of your level to make you feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish.


4. Focus on the Right Thing

It’s not about learning more Spanish. It’s about knowing how to correctly use what you already know. In the preparatory lessons, we focus on the questions and skills with which the students struggled the most in the past. You will get valuable feedback from your teacher and an idea about how to best prepare for your DELE exam.


5. Don’t Waste Your Time

You won’t read and write much in the lessons but complete the majority of the test exam at home. Your teacher will then go over it and answer all of your questions. They will also give you many tips and tricks on how to successfully get through the test day.


6. If Needed, Add General Spanish Lessons

If during your preparatory lessons you and your teacher realize you still need some more practice to pass DELE comfortably, you can always book additional General Spanish lessons with our amazing teachers.

Prepare for the dele exam with us

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