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Learning Step by Step

We teach according to our proven method, the 24 Level System to Spanish Fluency® that helped over 25 000 students to successfully learn Spanish.

Goal-oriented learning

With clear goals for each of the 24 levels, the next level is within reach. This helps to keep your child motivated and engaged. Our system correlates with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our Unique Method

of teaching Spanish to children

We know that teaching kids is different. That’s why we came up with our own method that works! We teach easily and naturally as if we were teaching them their native language. All of our teachers are native speakers, so your child can experience authentic Spanish from the very beginning. So how does our method work?


Fun and Creativity

Imagine your child telling you they were just playing in class. Yes, it is possible to effectively teach a class like that! In our lessons, we play many games that give our little students goals to reach. This way, they always notice progress and feel good about their performance, all while having fun!

We believe that learning is more enjoyable with audio & visual content. That’s why we provide the lessons with interactive fun quizzes, flashcards and painting exercises, real-world videos and movie trailers, stories, songs, and music videos.


Personalized Topics

First, we teach your children general knowledge: food, sports, music, games, hobbies, family, and more. But once we get to know our students, we create personalized lessons for them based on their interests, personality, age & Spanish level.

That way your child can always feel entertained and feel like they’re learning something useful. Add the fun factor and you see why this works so well!


Engaging Parents

Parents’ support is always needed, especially in the younger kids’ group. We invite you to take part in the first lesson with your child. We will break the ice, get to know each other and you will see what the next lessons might look like. Not to mention your presence will make your child more comfortable.

We will prepare some homework for your child. Feel free to join, support your child in their activities and motivate them. We are sure it will also help you spend some quality time together not to mention you are probably going to pick up some Spanish, too!


No Pressure

Kids learn new things naturally, there is no need to pressure them. We always use positive error correction and realize that mistakes are a byproduct of progress. Your child only needs time to learn and we do everything to make them feel good about themselves and their learning process.

Building positive associations with language learning from a young age is important for children’s future attitude and progress in foreign languages. That’s why Let’s Speak Spanish is a no-stress zone.


Tracking Progress

We are transparently tracking and reporting your child’s progress. Every four lessons, the teacher creates a Parent Report for you with detailed information on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and gives you ideas for an additional home activity.

We want you to be sure that your investment in the education of your child is paying off so we are always here to answer any questions about the class.

How We Teach Different Age Groups:



6-10 years old

Your kid develops independence and a natural curiosity. They learn by asking thousands of questions, which we are ready and happy to answer. We give your child space to explore but we are present to navigate them through the language-learning process.

We know that children’s emotions get out of control sometimes. That’s why we always do our best to make them feel safe and comfortable. Our teachers are also well aware of children’s constant need to move and explore. For that reason, we move around and alternate activities so they match your child’s energy as much as they can.

At Let’s Speak Spanish, we use a wide range of self-developed learning materials to support your child’s learning experience. We use music, games, and stories to foster the development of cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision-making, all while having fun.

At any point in the process, we make sure the class suits your child’s needs.



11-15 years old

We know that this age is a little turbulent, with many physical, mental, and social changes going on in your child’s life. Their body and mind is developing fast and needs different treatment than younger children do.

Our personalized Spanish lessons will help your teenager explore, get creative and express themselves. We use fun materials such as videos, animations, games, stories, and many other resources to make your child learn while having as much fun as possible.

We offer a supportive and stress-free environment so your child can feel secure & safe, and fully focus on learning. We adapt the class to their individual needs and interests and make sure they are developing their cognitive and social skills.

We Use the Best Virtual Classroom Software on the Market

spanish for kids

It’s not Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype, but a proven software that provides the best interactive learning experience possible. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any installation. 

What does it do?

Meet Our Awesome Teachers

We carefully select who’s going to teach your children. That’s why all of our teachers:

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Schedule Your Child’s Lessons

The best time to start learning is now! Book the first class and watch your child love it. And remember: you can assist your child in the first lesson!

Just pick the “Spanish for kids” option and choose a 30-minute class for younger children and 45 minutes for teens.

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