Meet Our Team


My name is Frank Sellingsloh,

I’ve been the director of the FU International Academy Tenerife since 2004.
When I started back then I had a small team of only 3 permanent employees.

Now, the FU International Academy is the largest Spanish language school in the Canary Islands. Over the years we have taught thousands of students from all over the world.

Our team has grown to more than 20 but we are still small enough to call ourselves a family.

Let me present to you our lovely FUIA team of today!


Accounting & HR

You probably won't get the honor of interacting with Janet directly, but you should know she's our general behind the scenes who manages the financial aspects of the company.
Janet isn’t only money and numbers, she also loves to travel. During her vacations she visits Greece, Turkey, more places in Spain, and other countries.

Mari Carmen

Marketing & Sales

Mari Carmen is the lovely face everybody sees and gets to know! We are lucky to have her. Due to Mari Carmen's organizational skills and excellent interaction with our clients, everything runs smoothly - we’d venture to say even perfectly!
Also known as MC, she loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes, exploring Tenerife and caring about our planet Earth.


Sales & Client Support

Bea is the first person you would see when you come to school. She can connect with everyone as she speaks six languages - six! Madre mia!
She moved to Tenerife because of the climate, and her favorite thing to do is go to the beach.
An interesting fact about her is that she can sew any blanket for a baby.


Social Media Manager

Did you know that we have 7 brands in the company? Well, Emma definitely does because she manages all our social media channels. She ensures we have tons of fun content, so don't forget to check them out.
Emma is in love with Latin America. She spent one year in Paraguay and another in Peru. Another fun fact about her is that her family owns a farm. If you ask her how to milk a cow, she's able to teach you!


Webdesigner & Trainer

This lady is the backbone of our website! Veronika takes care of the design and functions of all the websites we have. Apart from that, she's an excellent teacher!
During her free time, she surprises her friends with amazing dishes or explores Tenerife one mountain at a time.


Digital Marketer

As you see in the photo, Gonzo is a maté lover. Is it because he's from Argentina or truly loves the taste? Ask him when you see him! In the company, he has many roles as he's talented in many areas, whether it's video or spreadsheet creation, forms optimization, or talking to clients. He can do it all 🙂


Spanish Teacher

Sandra is definitely the most positive person we've ever met. We begin our days with Sandra's cheery "¡Buenos días!" and that’s how we know it's going to be a good day!
She is great at building long-term friendships with her students and can find a way to teach any kind of learner.


Spanish Teacher

As a passionate surfer, Juanjo’s skills also range from podcast creator to anything else you can imagine. Oh the many things Juanjo’s tried out and succeeded at!
There are plenty of stories about Juanjo's energy and magnetic persona. His students are used to his daily performances, pantomimes and role playing!


Spanish Teacher

Laura is a bookworm who loves wearing colorful clothes and quirky accessories.
Boardgames are a must in her classroom and in her life. She's a creative person and she has many different hobbies, but exercising is not one of them!


Director of Studies

She’s the tireless machine behind all the class planning, exam organization, and Spanish content creation.
Kateryn prefers her food cold, adores her cat, family gatherings, and chupi-bombones!


Head of Online Spanish

Haridian loves to spend time with friends. In her free time, she enjoys playing board games, watching TV series as well as discovering new restaurants.
If you have her as a teacher, be sure to ask her where her name came from.


Spanish Teacher

Lorenzo is definitely the most poetic person in our team! He writes his own poems, and loves reading books and attending theater performances!
If you end up in one of his classes, you might think "oh boy, he speaks too fast!"; however, you’ll later be grateful and think "man, I can actually understand Spanish speakers now!".


Spanish Teacher

Interculturality is a major part of Rosemary's life. In her opinion, studying a new language should always be accompanied by studying its corresponding culture and history. That's why all her classes connected to Spanish literature, culture and history.
She's in love with literature and art, it all started in her childhood times when she would spend all the time in her grandpa's second-hand bookstore.


Spanish Teacher

Sara's favorite activity is playing volleyball, both indoors and outside. We are lucky to have both in Tenerife. She enjoys nature and sports, as well as Latin American culture and music. Ask her for some recommendations if you are interested!
As part of her classes, she uses examples of natural landscapes from Canarias and discusses them in detail. Fun fact, she doesn't like cheese. Crazy, right?


Spanish Teacher

Students always call Rebecca funny. If you walk past her classroom, you'll hear her demonstrating how different Spanish words are pronounced in different voices.
In her free time, she plays the flute in a band. She says it's a calming exercise for her. Would you like to attend one of her concerts?


Spanish Teacher

Víctor is a language enthusiast, especially passionate about phonetics and phonology. He combines his work as a Spanish teacher with his other profession as a classical singer. He loves the baroque and singing Bach. He will tell you that there is nothing better than singing to improve pronunciation. Listen to him! In addition to music and languages, he enjoys diving and petting his 45 kg dog.

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