General Terms and Conditions

Registration, Payment and Booking Procedure

Customers book our courses by submitting a completed online registration form on our website or at the school reception. The contract with FU International Academy, referred to hereafter as FUIA, is only considered concluded once customers have received written confirmation of such contract from FUIA; if no such confirmation is received, the customer has no entitlement to the booked service.

Bookings by minors must be signed by the parent/guardian. In this case, the contract does not go into effect until the customer has received written confirmation from FUIA and FUIA has received the declaration signed by the parent/guardian.

In order to complete the registration for a course, customers will have to pay an initial payment of 150€. Customers may pay the full amount for the course and the accommodation at the time of registration. The remaining cost of the course and accommodation must be paid in full at least 30 days before the course starts.

Payment Options

  1. Bank transfer. All transfers must clearly indicate the student’s full name and invoice number so that he or she can be easily identified for future reference.

    Account holder: Formación FU S.L.
    Bank Address: Carretera Botánico s/n. La Paz. Puerto de la Cruz.
    Bank name: La Caixa.
    Account number / IBAN: ES16 2100 6971 5022 0005 7914

  2. PAYPAL/Credit Card using the application on the school website or using the email address [email protected].

FUIA will not pay any bank charges – if they are outstanding at the start of the course the student will be asked to pay for them. When we receive the payment or the payment confirmation we will confirm the reservation and provide all the necessary information before the student’s arrival.

Important! Kindly review the invoice and the initial payment receipt before proceeding with any payment. In the event of an accidental overpayment, a 30€ fee will be applied for the return of the excess amount.

Cancellation Conditions

All cancellations must be made in written form. The cancellation date will be the date on which FUIA receives the written cancellation. 

We strongly recommend that students arrange insurance cover to protect themselves against the possibility of cancellation due to illness or accident.

Course and Accommodation Cancellation Fees
  • Up to 6 weeks before the start date > Full refund
  • Between 6 and 4 weeks before the start date > Deposit (€150)
  • 4 weeks or less before the start date > No refund
  • Long Term Courses (more than 8 weeks) : If the participant cancels within 4 weeks of the start date, “no show,” or leave a course or occupied accommodation mid-term, a cancellation fee equivalent to 4 weeks of the program (course and/or accommodation) plus all confirmed extras will be charged.
  • All refunds are subject to a flat fee of 30€, including those for overpayment.
  • An administration fee of 50€ may be deducted or charged from any changes made.
  • FUIA will not refund any fees due to absence or illness.
Cancellation due to Visa Refusal

The following terms apply for individuals whose participation in the course depends on the approval of their visa: Should the visa not be issued, FUIA guarantees the refund transfer of payment, less costs incurred, such as postage costs (e.g. DHL), bank charges and an administration fee of €150. The rejection must be documented in an official confirmation presented with the original letter of invitation.

Cancellation of the language course after receipt of the visa is only possible when supported by documentation from the Spanish embassy proving that the participant has renounced entry into Spain. If the student has already entered Spain, cancellation of the course is no longer possible.

Absence From Classes

Missed group classes will not be made up in any case. 

Because irregular attendance significantly affects learning progress, if a student misses more than two days in a week, he/she will not be able to advance to the next level. Instead, he/she will be assigned to a lower level based on availability at that time. This measure is taken to ensure that all students have a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced material.

Private Spanish classes can only be cancelled free of charge if FUIA receives at least 24 hours notice prior to the start of the course. For classes scheduled on a Monday, notification must be received by 12:00 noon on the preceding Friday. If notification is received on time as described above, classes may be scheduled earlier or later than the original schedule. 

Vacations during long-term courses can be arranged free of charge by informing the school 15 days in advance. In this case, we will extend the booked course by the number of weeks of the break. In case last minute breaks are announced, we will not reimburse for lessons held within 15 days.


The school’s insurance provides cover for accidents or injuries incurred on school premises only. Students are not insured by the FUIA against illness, theft, damage or loss of personal effects and FUIA accepts no responsibility in the event of such an occurrence. Students must have their own personal insurance for the duration of their stay.

Health Insurance – Students who are EU citizens may be entitled to free medical treatment in Spain (we advise students to check this information before leaving their country). However, students are strongly advised to take out full travel, health, money and baggage insurance in advance. EU nationals should also bring their EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

General Notes


We are open all year except on the following public holidays:

2024: 01.01., 02.02., 28.03., 29.03., 01.05., 03.05., 30.05., 16.07., 15.08., 01.11., 06.12., 08.12. and 25.12.

2025: 01.01., 06.01., 17.03., 18.03., 01.05., 30.05., 14.07., 15.05., 15.08., 13.10., 08.12. and 25.12. ( Provisional dates)

Because classes that take place during the weeks that have one holiday will not be made up, students will receive a discount for that week. In the event that two public holidays fall in the same week, the classes corresponding to one of the days will be recovered during the same week.

If there is a public holiday on a Monday the course begins on Tuesday.

Registration fee

The inscription fee is charged only once and is a valid lifetime.

The course price includes some weekly afternoon leisure activities, internet access, a Spanish course certificate of attendance, and a grammar workbook.

The course price does not include additional material or books used in the course (they can be rented or bought), transfer or travel costs, examination fees and the cost of weekend activities.


The surf trial lesson is offered at an exclusive student price. It can only be organised for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 people. If more than 6 people sign up for the trial lesson, we reserve the right to either draw the participants or to organise a second surf day. Each student can participate in the trial lesson only once.

Spanish course + surf course: Once the surf course has been started, FUIA will not refund any fees due to absence, illness or fear of waves. Surfing requires a certain level of fitness and is not a sport for everyone, therefore we strongly recommend to do a trial surf lesson before booking a one-week surf course.

Extracurricular activities arranged by FUIA include services provided by partner companies, which we do not take any responsibility for. The responsibility for any accidents that occur during free-time activities, should be assumed by the student’s insurance or the insurance of the operating partners. This also applies to Surf, Diving, and Paragliding.

Spanish Classes

Group sizes: Minimum 3, maximum 10 students. With less than 3 students in a course, we reserve the right to reduce the teaching time to 75% (two students) or 50% (one student).

Course time: Generally, the courses begin at 9 AM but FUIA reserves the right to schedule the lessons anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM. This also applies to individual lessons. Courses may start in the afternoon after 2 PM. In exceptional cases, classes within the same week may take place in the morning on some days and in the afternoon on other days. The times of the classes can change from week to week.

Vis Mayor: If the school has to close because of acts of god, e.g. due to meteorological warnings, the classes will neither be held or be made up at a later date.

Accommodation Rules

  1. Check-in is on Sundays after 2 PM, check-out on Saturdays before 12 PM.
  2. Students staying in an accommodation organized by FUIA must leave a copy of their ID or Passport and pay €50 deposit on their first day of class. The deposit will be retained for the duration of the stay. The deposit will be returned at the FUIA reception on the last day of class, provided that the house rules have been kept, the apartment is seen to be clean and tidy, and there is no damage to the fixtures and fittings.


Students are expected to display impeccable and disciplined conduct toward landlords, roommates, fellow students, and all FUIA staff members.

FUIA reserves the right to refuse admission or terminate the contract without notice and without a refund of fees, in the event of misconduct, unsatisfactory attendance or unsatisfactory work. In the event of unruly behavior, as well as violations of Spanish law (e.g., theft, drug abuse, damage to property or personal injury, illegal downloads), FUIA reserves the right to immediately exclude students from the course or program. The students or their parent/guardian must then cover the costs for early departure.

Photos of Students

During daily school life and extracurricular activities, we frequently take pictures or record videos of our students and the school. If students do not consent to pictures of them being published on our web page, social media channels or other media related to the school, they are expected to inform us in advance so that we can take it into account.


Booking through 3rd Parties

Booking through third parties, like agencies, their terms and conditions may apply. We, FUIA, reserve the right to apply our own terms.

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